I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about rejection lately.

So many people are uncomfortable hearing “no” from customers.

This makes sense, of course. Who likes to be rejected?

Here’s the thing though: the no’s get us to the yeses.

Without them, we do not get to yes.

In fact, if you’re not hearing no — a lot — you’re probably not being active enough.

Many salespeople send emails instead of making calls. Why? The rejection is silent. The no comes in the form of no reply. On the telephone, conversely, the rejection is into our ears. It
is personal and intimate.

We send emails because we are avoiding rejection. I sent the email, I haven’t heard back, I’m still alive!

Are you though? You really don’t know. You have no idea if the customer received your email.

We should chase the no’s because that’s how we know we are trying to sell.

Just as in baseball — where failing 70% of the time gets you to the Hall of Fame — the strikeouts and the outs are prerequisites to the hits.

Nobody gets a hit every time.

And we salespeople fail more than baseball players.

You have to train your mind that the no’s are important.

They play a pivotal role in your success.

They are necessary.

Every no brings you closer to the next yes.

Chase the no’s.

Enjoy the yeses.