I have a gift for you this week. A thank you for your trust and support.

The last chapter in 5-Minute Selling is a one-page mindset manifesto.

It has provided immensely popular. People write to me about how they read it before their sales calls and what a difference it makes.

This is gratifying because this was my goal with it:

To give you a piece of positive, optimistic, confident self-talk, at the right time.

I designed it to get you into the optimal state-of-mind before your next sales call.

And so, given the strong response, I’ve turned it in to a free, standalone download on my website.

Get you 5-Minute Selling Mindset Manifesto here.

Read it.

Believe it.

Then go call your customers and prospects, and offer them your great value.

They are lucky to have you.

Again, the free download is here.

And if you want an entire book on this kind of thing, get my new Wall Street Journal bestseller, 5-Minute Selling here.