When was the last time you received a handwritten note in the mail?

Think back to that time.
Think back to the person who wrote you the note.

Most people can pinpoint the exact moment they received a note in the mail.

It’s rare – especially Now. We are all in front of our computers or using our phones during our free time.

Now think about all the emails you got this morning.
Who were they from?
What were they about?
What was pitched to you?
Can you make a list of all the people who emailed you this week?

Chances are you can’t make that list.

The power of handwritten notes.
We remember them.
We remember what the person wrote.
We remember what color pen they used.

Handwritten notes are memorable and caring.
Handwritten notes honor the recipient.
Handwritten notes show people that they matter.
Handwritten notes make magic.

So my question to you is – how many handwritten notes will you write today?

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