When is the last time you got a proactive call from a supplier, when nothing was wrong?
Most suppliers tend to only call when something is wrong, or when they are pitching.
Most people can remember the last time they got a proactive call when nothing was wrong — because they are so rare. Often, this last call was a month ago, or many months ago.
And they can remember every detail about the call: who called; what they wanted; what their voice sounded like; and how long the call lasted.
Could you remember all the emails you got a month ago?
Or a week ago?
Or a day ago?
Of course not.
Because email makes us totally forgettable.
But a phone call makes us memorable.
Phone calls make us singular.
But most salespeople email instead of call.
Because it’s easier.
Because the rejection (usually in the form of silence…no reply) is less intimate.
When we call, we stand out from the crowd.
We assume our customers’ and prospects phones are ringing off the hook.
They are not. In fact, when we call, we are one of the only ones doing so.
Want to be memorable?
Want to be singular?
Want to grow sales in the new year?
Just pick up the phone, and call your customers and prospects, when nothing is wrong.
They will thank you with their business.