Here are the three keys to predictably growing your sales:

Quickly Plan.

Quickly Do.

Quickly Track.

Quickly planning means lay out your proactive calls and also your follow-ups for the entire week in five minutes or so. On Sunday or Monday. Use my free Proactive Call Planner and my Weekly Follow-Up Planner to do so. You can download them on my Web site. The link is on the home page at

Quickly doing means take action quickly. Do not wait. Make the first call today. Not next week or next month. Do…now.

Quickly tracking means take a note about your interactions. Jot down what you said and what the customer or prospect said. Use my 5-Minute Selling Action Tracker, also free on my web site. Once you fill these out, you will have a gold mine of opportunities and successes to follow-up on… or simply enjoy them for your reading pleasure. Talk about building confidence — the completed Action Trackers prove your success to you.

I will teach all of this in my upcoming 5-Minute Selling Live Three-Hour Workshop on November 12.

If you want to double or triple your personal sales, as many of my clients do, this workshop is for you.

It will cover mindsets for sales growth; planning your proactive outreach — and you will make a plan in the session; how to make the calls — and I will ask you to make an actual call to a customer or prospect using the simple script we will cover — and we will debrief the calls together as a group; and the quick and proven system you can implement to sell more now.

The workshop is built to arm you with a simple process for predictably growing your sales now, during a pandemic, when you can’t meet with your customers and prospects as much as you’re used to.

Click here for the complete workshop details and registration.