Here are some of the sales call scripts that I’ve included in my new book “5-Minute Selling”

I’ve written scripts for:

– Your best customers
– Your former best customers
– For mid-sized businesses
– Customers you haven’t talked to for 3-months
– Customers who used to buy
– Customers who’ve just received an order

Plus many more.

The chapter starts off with an important point though:

“Start with my language if you’d like, but the sooner this becomes YOUR language, the sooner you will sell more”.

The scripts are a guide.

They are a template.

Your customers don’t want to hear you just read my words.

They want to hear YOUR words.

Sales scripts are valuable, but what’s more valuable is what you add to the scripts.

I’ve already received some amazing stories of these scripts working for people, but they are just the guide.

You are the secret ingredient to making them work.