Over the weekend, I ran a poll over on LinkedIn. It asked the question, “Should salespeople leave voicemails on their sales calls?”

The poll was open for 24 hours, and has nearly 10,000 views. There were 664 votes made.

Nearly 70% voted yes. Which means 207 salespeople said, no, don’t leave a message.

Presumably, this means that they do not leave messages when calling.

I find this fascinating.

Chapter 15 of my new book, the Wall Street Journal bestseller 5-Minute Selling is titled Yes, You Should Leave a Voicemail.

Otherwise, how will people know you even called?

How will people know you care?

How will people know you can help them?

How will they know you want to help them?

They won’t if you don’t leave a message.

They can’t.

Because even though you made the effort, they cannot experience it.

When you don’t leave messages, your customers simply experience silence.

They don’t know you’re trying to help them, even though you are.

They can’t buy from you, even if they want to.

Don’t put people who need your help in this position.

Don’t put yourself in this position.

Leave a message.

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