The best way to start a Monday in sales is to make calls.

Just pick up the phone and start phoning prospects and customers.

Don’t find other things to do.
Don’t try to avoid making calls.
Don’t let yourself get distracted.

You will never feel totally ready to call your customers.

It’s also one of the things most salespeople don’t want to do on a Monday.

They always find excuses to avoid making calls.

Do you want to make excuses, or create more sales opportunities?

Pick up the phone.

Dial a prospects or customers number.

Talk to them.

That’s the way to start a week.

Keep making those calls, keep speaking to customers.

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This Thursday 19th November I’ll be running a workshop on how you can make better calls in sales.

We will make a detailed plan of who to call, what to say on the call and attendees will make calls during training.

There are still a few tickets remaining, link for details and tickets will be in the comments.

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