I’ve worked with thousands of salespeople over the last 10 years, and I’ve come to believe there a SINGLE, powerful characteristic that separates the most successful from the rest.

It is at once the most important characteristic salespeople can have, and also the rarest.

It is the characteristic that leads most directly to the most sales.

That characteristic is enthusiasm.

I say this because it is the customers of my clients who have told me this.

Sales success is not about knowing part numbers and technical specifications.

It is about making your customers feel drawn to working with you instead of the competition.

I tell my clients that it is best to hire enthusiasm and then teach everything else.

It’s much easier to teach technique and product details than it is to teach enthusiasm.

What’s the opposite of enthusiasm?


It’s also far more common in sales departments.

Who would you rather buy from, the enthusiastic, positive salesperson, or the cynical pessimistic one?

Bring joy to your customers.

Bring happiness.

Bring enthusiasm and positive energy.

Bring optimism.

And they will choose you over the competition every single time.

Even if your prices are higher.

Your customers will thank you with their money.