In my four-part podcast conversation with my friend Jeb Blount — author of some of the most important books in the sales profession — we spent time talking about the fascinating and important topic of faith in sales. You can hear that portion of the conversation here, while all four parts are here.

We weren’t talking about religious faith, but faith in yourself.

Faith in your talent and ability.

Faith in your great value to your customers.

Faith that the right actions, implemented daily, will lead to success.

Even if they may not be generating the results you want at the moment.

Even if you might be struggling.

Even when times are tough.

Even when uncertainty creeps in.

Even when you are being rejected many times each day.

Have faith.

Have faith that the no’s will bring you to the yeses.

Have faith that you’re doing the right thing, and if you do the right thing enough times, success will come. If not today, then soon.

Keep going.

Have faith that perseverance is the most important thing; that not giving up will bring you where you want to go — in your career and in your life.

What is the right thing?

Being present for customers and prospects.

Expressing that you care is the right thing.

Communicating regularly is the right thing.

Trying to help customers and prospects all the time — that’s the right thing.

Have faith in your awesome ability to help people.

As Jeb said, it’s all about the cumulative impact of small actions every day.

Have faith that proactively communicating with customers and prospects daily will bring you the success that you deserve.

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