Who will get us out of these difficult times, to a great extent?

More than most people, who will improve the situation at your company?

More than nearly everyone, whose work will increase production, output, and revenue?

Who will play a huge role in bringing so many people back to work?

You will.

We will.

Salespeople will.

More than anyone, salespeople will improve this economy.

More than anyone, salespeople will connect with customers and prospects, bringing them positivity, optimism, and…most critically…help.

We will lift up our customers with our work.

We will help them more.

Then, they will buy more from us.

And they will pay us more.

Where does all this begin?

It starts with being present.

It starts wth making some proactive phone calls.

We will do this because we owe it to our customers, our company, our family, and ourselves.

They need us, now more than ever.

Let’s go do our job.

Let’s go help people.

And, in time, we salespeople will be the ones who lift our economy up.

We are the ones who will get us out of this.

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